Music Sundays

Formerly known as Music at the Museum, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Music Sundays are now being temporarily broadcast on YouTube.
Watch this space for a new venue once the pandemic is over and live concerts are allowed.

Our Sunday concerts were for over 10 years a popular series of free monthly recitals in the Museum Café for Members and Students of Members of COSY on the last Sunday of each month from 3 – 4pm from September to June.

Members of COSY are welcome to sign up to perform at these concerts on a first come first served basis. There are no auditions, however, this is not a jam session. The expectation is that all pieces or songs will be well prepared and ready for a public performance at whatever stage a musician is in his/her learning journey. Private teachers are welcome to submit students for up to a maximum of 20 minutes total playing time per studio. Exceptions may be made by the organizer when appropriate.
No individual or ensemble performance should exceed 10 minutes.
For dates when there is high demand for performance opportunities, individual performances may be limited, at the discretion of the organizer and depending on the performance level, to one selection and the time per performer limited in order to accommodate the maximum number of performers. This means that very young beginners receive less than a minute and those at a more advanced level in their musical journey are granted a longer performance time per selection of up to 10 minutes.

Information about recording and submitting videos for Music Sundays Online:
COSY Music Sundays On Line Information

Upcoming Music Sundays Online dates:

30th May
27th June

*Please note: Our April concert has been cancelled because of a conflict with the Music Festival.

To sign up for the next concert or if you, your students or your small ensemble would like more information about participating in these low stress performance opportunities. please email us at The deadline for video submissions of your performance is the Sunday before the concert. Early submissions are welcomed.